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Randy Rainbow roasts Donald Trump over response to Coronavirus

Randy Rainbow
Randy Rainbow (Photo: YouTube)

The latest video from YouTube comic Randy Rainbow is proving particularly popular. To the tune of the song “Adelaide’s Lament” from Guys and Dolls, Rainbow takes on the every-changing response from President Donald Trump’s administration to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is no secret that a dangerous, scary and infectious disease has been dominating the news cycle of late,” begins Rainbow, “and it’s here to chat to us now: President Donald Trump!”

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Posted yesterday, the parody video finds Rainbow highlighting inconsistencies in Trump’s response to the virus, such as previously calling the threat posed by the virus, “a Democratic hoax.”

Rainbow also doesn’t hold back on his criticism of Vice President Mike Pence, who Trump has put in charge of the US’s response to COVID-19 – the infection caused by the current strain of coronavirus sweeping around the world.

As of yesterday, 2,952 people in the US have been confirmed to have the virus, and of these reported cases, 57 have died. Other many have the virus and not be showing symptoms.

Worldwide, there have been 170,000 confirmed cases and just over 6,500 deaths.

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Yesterday, in a bid to stem the virus, the cities of New York and Los Angeles announced the closure of all bars and restaurants for at least two weeks. Movie theaters have also closed, with several states also closing schools.

Authorities are reminding people to frequently wash their hands, practice social distancing (i.e. limit the number of people you see or mix with), and to self-isolate if they suspect they have any symptoms of coronavirus. For more advice, check the guidance from the World Health Organization.