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Rapper Slim Thug says expensive designer clothes make men “look gay”

Slim Thug
Slim Thug (Photo: YouTube)

Rapper Slim Thug took to Instagram yesterday to say that he saves money by not wasting his cash on expensive designer clothes. Instead, he showed his 1.7m Instagram followers some $5.99 wear from H&M which he felt was just as good.

We agree that some designer brands are ridiculously overpriced and applaud anyone who wants to save their money. However… the performer then prompted backlash with his next comment.

“The 5.99 shirt…ya’ll be buying that designer, ya’ll be looking gay cuz all the designers are gay….and I be the one that’s standing there with a plain tee that cost me five dollars..that’s how I stay rich this long…”

Although many of his followers applauded his less-is-more approach to clothes shopping, the gay designers comment prompted a swift backlash.

“Is anyone gonna tell him that there are gay designers for @hm”, was a sentiment raised by many.

“Masculinity so fragile, jelly is stronger,” said another.

“I mean he could have said all of that without resorting to the ‘insult’,” said someone else.

As the comments began to pile up, Slim Thug, refused to apologize. He instead tried to clarify, saying, “For the gay ppl who are wondering what I mean when I say look gay I mean when a hood dude wearing a Gucci rainbow shirt and a man purse no offense to y’all tho 🌈🌈🌈”


Heralding from Houston, Texas, Slim Thug, 42, hit the number 2 spot on the Billboard album chart back in 2005 with his debut, Already Platinum. You may remember him from featuring on the Beyoncé hit, “Check on It”. He hasn’t troubled the charts in the last decade or so. It’s probably a good thing he’s being prudent about how he spends his money.