Red Carpet Diaries: 2006 MTV Movie Awards

Pete Wentz

Queerty hit the 2006 MTV Movie Awards Saturday and, in between chatting with Dane Cook about his Brangelina baby gifts and snapping pics of celebrity asses, we had a chance to grab some soundbites from the only celebs willing to recognize their gay audience. (Okay, that’s not entirely fair, but Christina Aguilera didn’t exactly have time for us.)

We ran into former Real Worlder Landon Lueck, who’s giddy about expanding his clothing line Glyde, which got its first blast of publicity on the MTV show. In between posing for Wax underwear, he doesn’t even have time to watch the current season of RR (“I don’t watch it. I can’t!”). But he is thrilled by all the attention the gay community has given him.

“I’m flattered,” he tells us. “One thing I’ve heard is that if it’s accepted in the gay culture then it’s gonna hit mainstream like huge, so I guess i kinda apply that to myself.” And as for the gays drooling over his underwear spreads? “I think it’s great. It’s flattering. Anyone who is a fan of me, it’s a nice gesture.”

Meanwhile, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz was busy running around the red carpet doing MTV interviews, but he did give us a few minutes of his non-X-rated time. You’ll remember Wentz from his unexpected expose, courtesy of some leaked Sidekick photos. “If you don’t want naked pictures of yourself on the Internet, don’t take naked pictures of yourself.” Good advice, unless of course you’re looking for a date. Ever since the photos appeared “the boys will not stop calling me.”

Try as we might, we just couldn’t get Hayden Christensen to stick around for chat. All we wanted to know was whether he thought Jared Leto was hotter gay or straight.

And, not that MTV’s awards count for much, but you’ll be pleased to know a certain gay favorite film that was snubbed by the Oscars gets plenty of recognition during the ceremony.