Fire? Yes, indeed

Red Hot models to bear it all for 2018 calendar (it’s for a terrific cause)

Any ginger fans in the house?

Well, you might want to hear about the new project from the masterminds behind the annual Red Hot calendar.

They’re creating a special edition of their iconic calendar, in which each featured model will proudly go full-frontal.

Right now, they’re ISO 12 redheads to strut their stuff.

Their Kickstarter page reads:

“12 guys. 12 copper knobs. Because ginger pubes are awesome and your life needs more color.

The world is a dark place, so brighten up your life with our new, super-colorful charity calendar of 12 ginger nuts.

You spoke. We listened.

Yes, you heard that right. 12 full frontal, totally nude ginger nuts out and proud for 2018. There are no emojis inside the calendar – so if you want to see the goods, you gotta buy a copy.

Shot by Red Hot photographer Thomas Knights and art director Elliott James Frieze, the calendar raises money for the Movember Foundation’s Testicular Cancer Awareness.

This genius idea was brought to Thomas Knights by his friend, the artist Andrew Salgado during a flash of inspiration at a Red Hot exhibition.”

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Think you have what it takes to be included? Shoot some images over to the Red Hot Facebook page.

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h/t: Attitude

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  • Karrnal

    Very pretty. but why are they flipping the bird at viewers? Trade used to do this to protect their masculinity. So how do you appeal to gay men while demeaning them?

    • MikeE

      I absolutely LOATHE when guys do that in pics, especially when they do it in a Grindr or whatever profile. You’re supposed to be appealing to potential mates (well, one-night-stands, to be perfectly honest). I’m also really perplexed by the attitude that flipping people the bird in your pic is supposed to be, what, attractive?

    • Josiah Freshmount

      Because it has always been understood as a gesture of rebellion and or humor in photographs. I cannot believe there people who pretend to not understand this? No photographer would allow it if they did not find it suitable for the shot.

      And we as a community need to get over weaponizing masculinity. If viewing the model making the gesture isn’t pleasing to you, fine. But don’t then try and create a question about his masculinity based on how things were 80-90 years ago.

    • Goforit

      Seriously Karrnal and MikeE? You are complaining about men flipping the bird on Grinder? A gesture that literally means F..K You. The mere fact that you are logged on to Grinder means that you are saying basically the same thing. “I want you to f..k me and/or I want to f..k you?” While flipping someone off is frequently an angry gesture, with a smile like that on this gingers face he more likely is making an offer.

    • Kye

      It’s for Movember, and proceeds go to a Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. To me it seems that they’re flipping the bird at testicular cancer, not at viewers.

    • geb1966

      Kye, that was my first thought…they are flipping off cancer, not the viewers. As for the Grindr thing, yeah, it’s often looks douchy, but there is a simple solution…scroll past or block them.

  • ProfessorMoriarty

    Yeah, I was totally going to buy this right up until I saw the bird-flipping. HUGE turnoff. What a shame.

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