Red Pepper‘s Front Page Witch Hunt For Ugandan Activist Moses Mworeko

Moses Mworeko, a gay Ugandan, helped lend a voice to his LGBT brothers and sisters there by taking part in The American Prayer Hour, a response to the anti-gay American Prayer Breakfast hosted by The Family. At the time, Moses wore a bag over his head to protect his identity, but since dropped the mask and let his face be shown in public after appearing in an advocacy video for Truth Wins Out. How did his home country’s notoriously tyrannical newspaper Red Pepper respond? With this front page edition headlined, “This Gay Monster Raped Boys In School, But Failed To Bonk Wife.” So that’s pretty disgusting.

The video Moses made for TWO in August:

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    Guys I am really stuck on this one, I cannot decide how to respond to the ad at the bottom of this vile rag that is offering those who “top up” a 50% discount…………

  • bluenosedive

    “…Failed To Bonk His Wife” Seriously…..? And I thought British Tabloids were stupid. They could at least try and be more serious about it. This is not an issue to be joked about like that. Don’t worry brah…the queers around the world have your back.

  • jason

    The Red Pepper is run by neanderthal black monkeys who are homophobic towards male-male sexuality.

  • ADC

    @jason: Jason, your mom is a neanderthal black monkey.

  • Andy

    It sure made me feel nauseated.

  • jason

    If he had raped his wife, the black bigots would probably have applauded him.

  • Mal Tempo

    Wow, I never thought another rag could top Queerty for cheesy headlines.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    @jason: Jason your a fucking racist. You are just as bad as the homophobic people you point your disgusting finger at. You are a living example of the people you hate dumbass.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    @jason: you’re*

  • Hypocrites (John from England)

    Poor f*cking guy.

    Where are those international gay groups??

  • Jake black


    Jason, homophobics and racists are the same. I find your lauguage disgusting and simply idiotic.

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