Redditors reveal their biggest turn-ons, from the relatable to the hilarious

What floats your boat? Revs your engine? Tickles your prickle? Sizzles your bacon? Ruffles your truffles?

We could go on, but instead, we’ll just cut to the chase: the responses a thread in r/askgaybros about users’ biggest turn-ons. Here’s a selection of replies — some understandable, some uproarious, some upsetting — lightly censored and edited for readability.

“Short muscular guys with big butts.”

“When you can see their pecs through their T-shirt.”

“Hairy pits, full bush!”

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“Big lips, facial hair, nice thighs, a decent d—k, and an ass that’s round with some fat. If I see a guy walking around and his ass jiggles, it’s literally like I can’t focus on anything else. Pretty much most body types besides skinny because I’m a big guy and feel like I might accidentally crush a smaller guy.”

“A big, fuzzy guy busting out of a union suit.”

“Speaking in a low voice. Bonus points if the voice is deep.”

“I know this will sound shallow and weird, but tall (height doesn’t really matter but it turns me on when someone’s tall), muscular, masculine, and the cute kind of jealous… oh, dominant.”

“Bubble butts for life.”

“D—ks that curve upwards.”

“Mine is a guy standing in red underwear hiding his boner.”

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“Shirt pulling up over their stomach, especially if they have a treasure trail and/or a chubby belly. My brain loses all functioning, I just have to look.”

“Big, pronounced pecs!”

“‘Straight guys’ (most likely either closeted gay or bi) with tons of self-inflicted homophobia. I wish I was kidding. Huge turn on.”

“Fiscal solvency.”