Religious Right Opposes Gay-Loving Obama

Barack Obama faces some Biblically-fueled opposition.

In order to squeeze Republican rival John McCain’s power base, the Democratic Senator has set out to woo traditionally right-wing voters, including Evangelicals. Unfortunately, some of the pious set aren’t falling into line.

Obama met privately yesterday with Christian leaders in Chicago and apparently things didn’t go as planned: “…Some participants clearly have political differences with Obama. The senator’s support for abortion rights and gay rights, among other issues, draws opposition from religious conservatives.” Such opposition could be expected, of course, as could aggressive campaigns against the candidate.

Cue televangelist Bill Keller, who has launched an attack on Obama, suggesting that the candidate’s progressive social politics don’t jibe with traditional Christianity:

…Keller says Obama has views on social issues that most evangelicals regard as unbiblical.

“He has consistently voted to uphold a woman’s right to kill babies,” Keller points out. “He has consistently voted to support the gay agenda, gay ‘marriage,’ gay adoption, special rights for gays.”

Keller says while obviously only God can judge a man’s heart, he does not think Senator Obama can call himself a Christian yet deny the basic tenets of the faith and rewrite them to suit his own purposes.

Keller goes on to describe Obama as part of the “religious left,” those who practice, yet still insist on demonic policies such as social justice.

And, as part of his effort to raise Obama-related eyebrows, Keller filmed an 8-minute flick in which he decries Obama as an “enemy of God.” Watch it in all its horror, after the jump…