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Repeal DADT, If Only So We Can Move Beyond The Arguments Of ‘Juvenile Bigots’

Somehow when David Letterman and Bill O’Reilly sit down together, the conversation is more civilized than what happened on Joy Behar’s program last night. But I understand, because radio hosts Ron Reagan and Dana Lash (who also writes for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism) don’t often get a chance to shout over each other while their faces are plastered on the TV. Which means their little battle over what’s the more important legislation — omnibus spending or repealing DADT — comes down to an argument over whether lawmakers actually read the thousand-page bills they vote on. Of course where Lash fails is the same place McCain fails: by thinking that so long as gay soldiers shut up about their sexuality, they’d be fine. If only.

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  • gregger

    That Dana person needs some expanding hole filler in her mouth. Factually she is wrong, the new Start treaty has been in the hands of the Senate for more than a year. VOTE ON THE DAMN TREATY. The point she has on DADT subject is beyond moronic.

  • Desdemona

    Dana Lash says that nobody should care about a soldiers sexuality- and she’s right, but she acts like gays are the ones who created this homophobic policy! The gays wouldn’t be making a big deal about it if it wasn’t even an issue to begin with! She says that people need to get over their ‘self-importance’- no shit bitch, maybe if the gov’t didn’t have a policy like this that singles out gays, we wouldn’t be debating this nonsense.

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