Republican Lawmaker Who Pretended To Be Sleeping With A Rentboy Has Biblical Meltdown

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 8.48.52 AMHere’s a shocker: The Michigan lawmaker who was caught fabricating a gay sex scandal to cover up his actual affair is proving himself to be a little unhinged. Who would have thought?

Rep. Todd Courser (R), a tea party lawmaker, has now taken to Facebook to…apologize? Well, not quite. Resign? Oh, definitely not. Squirm around in his own guilt and shame for no real apparent reason? Yeah, something like that.

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“I am now the poster boy for those who would say ‘God is dead,’ or ‘Christians are failures,’ or ‘Christians are hypocrites,'” he writes. “Instantly I have been shown to be a hypocrite in my life, a liar, a laughable joke; much if not all of that is presently justified.”

Then there’s lots of to-be-expected Christ talk, which reads as typical guilty remorse. “He is still Holy and still righteous and still gave His all on the cross at Calvary so we can have salvation in Him,” Courser preaches from his keyboard.

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Though he’s a first-time legislator, Courser has already pulled the Jesus card when voting on issues like marriage equality and abortion rights (as did Cindy Gamrat, the married fellow Tea Partier he was actually sleeping with), so we aren’t exactly sympathetic to his little scheme not going smoothly.

“The most brutal things I have had to endure in my life have been brought from and thru this experience – the public humiliation was small and insignificant when compared to having telling [sic] my wife and children and my family – death will be a much richer reward,” he continues in the scripture-filled post.