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Reviewing The Real L Word‘s Wine Without Going to a Tasting

Showtime’s The Real L World — which follows a handful of REAL ACTUAL LESBIANS as they drink, date, and dance in front of the cameras — isn’t just a chance for Ilene Chaiken to extend The L Word‘s television brand. It’s also a chance to get into wine.

The Domenico Winery in San Carlos, California, is shipping three different wines under The Real L Word.

There’s a Chardonnay, a Syrah, and a dessert wine. I have tasted none of them, and I’m the world’s worst sommelier, though I’m pretty sure I sense a terrific mouth feel that really opens up, a complex and needy palette, enough tannin to go well with a creamy cheese, and strawberry on the nose.

Oh, and of course legs to die for.

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  • jason

    Uncle Tom dykes. Nuff said.

  • jason

    Everything Ilene Chaiken touches turns to dust. The L Word was a ratings flop, The Real L Word isn’t much better.

    Memo to Ilene: the GLBT community doesn’t like your version of lesbianism. It’s Hugh Hefner-approved, honey.

    If straight male idiots want to gawp over lesbians, they’ll hire a porn movie.

    Now fuck off, Ilene.

  • Joanne

    “Jason”. What ‘type’ of lesbians would you prefer to see on tv? … I suspect from your bitterness, either a boyish, butch, serious only portrayal of lesbians – or none at all.

    The agenda against The L Word brand, appears to be more about individuals personal vendetta against Ilene C. and also non-femme prejudice (internalized homophobia) against femme lesbians.

    You don’t speak for the whole LGBT community. You do young closeted lesbians no favor in wishing The L Word off the air. It’s incredibly selfish and self serving, denying femme lesbians a (visual) role model of themselves on tv.

    Your ‘take’ on The Real L Word is the reason many femme women end up marrying men and don’t come out until later in life (as they don’t fit a certain stereotype, they believe heterosexuality must be their “place”).

    The underlying message being sent from L Word critics is: “Femmes, you don’t really belong in the community. You’re faux lesbians, out to attract and only hired to titillate male viewers. You’re too ‘straight acting’ to be gay. You can’t possibly have any real passion or understanding of LGBT issues and politics.”

    “Jason” … See the show for what it is: A small group of lesbian women in LA, being filmed. Representing only themselves. Because we are all different.

  • Ric

    I agree with Joanna. I did watch the L Word religiously, even when it got really bad towards the end (team JENNY!) and visibility at the end of the day is visibility, no matter who’s watching the show. That being said, The Real L Word is a nightmare. It’s ridiculous and plays out like Lesbianism 101.

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