Rich Carefree Billionairess Courtenay Semel Heads to Rehab For a Long Nap


Lindsay Lohan once went to rehab for “exhaustion.” Lohan also once dated Courtenay Semel, daughter of Yahoo billionaire Terry Semel. Now guess who’s also in rehab for exhaustion?

For better or worse, Ms. Semel is about as close as we can get to young, affluent lipstick lesbian. But with money and small doses of fame comes, um, problems. Not like DRUG ADDICTION problems of course! But problems that make you so EXHAUSTED you have to check into rehab. Which is where Courtenay is now, says Page Six.

Most recently in the news for allegedly assaulting a Las Vegas security guard and enjoying a fling with MTV bi-starlet Tila Tequila, Semel now spends her time on-and-off dating fellow heiress Casey Johnson (she of the Band-Aid fortune) and whining to her father.

Photo: Splash News