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  • EdWoody

    I find this unlikely.

  • roger ramjet

    OK, Kiki. Assume the position.

  • Michael

    No, Ricky Martin does not ask that we call him “Kiki”. His close friends and family call him “Kiki”…a form of Enrique. I just finished reading the book. It was fine…little floaty with all the spritual “Life is a journey” stuff, but overall pretty good.

  • Aaron

    Yes, which in the Spanish speaking world, is as common as Bobby (for Robert) is here.

  • Charlie Jackpot

    who said ‘that’s it?’ KiKi or the woman?

  • MM

    Google translate:

    Sued mayor said Ricky Martin’s book promotes the “gayness”

    San Juan, November 4 (EFE) – The organization Puerto Rico Para Todos, through his spokesman David Roman, was sued today by the Office of Government Ethics, the mayor of Canovanas, Jose “Chemo” Soto, to assert that publication of “I”, the autobiography of Ricky Martin, “promotes gayness.”

    Puerto Rico Para Todos informed through a statement that the lawsuit is the answer to the expression “discriminatory and unethical” expressed by the mayor during a television interview.

    “This violates the provisions of Government Ethics Act that requires all public servants to maintain a conduct of decorum, respect for human dignity, ethics and morals in all functions to play,” the statement said.

    The organization will also present a complaint with the Civil Rights Commission to investigate the impact of these expressions in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), as well as issuing a letter to the Department of Justice to study if necessary their intervention.

    Soto expressions, which said the publication of the autobiography of Ricky Martin “promotes gayness” occurred during the broadcast “Dando Candela, Telemundo in the past day 2.

  • Jason Dancin' to the Beat

    The headline has nothing to do with the subsequent story. Shouldn’t there be at least a follow up explanation? Even a bit of one?

  • Michael


  • stryker

    Does he know that kiki is one of the many words for ‘vagina’ in the Filipino language. Puki is another.

  • fizzydrink

    He should get back to the pseudo tough-guy look, with the wife beaters and short-cropped hair. And no beard. He doesn’t look so great now that he’s all manicured and “gayed up.”

    (By contrast, some guys like Taylor Lautner look good ONLY when you gloss ’em up.)

  • TheInsider

    @Michael: Does he cover the alleged molestation by Menudo’s founder and manager Edgardo Diaz? Does he go into his love affair with one of the Menendez brothers, convicted murderers who killed their parents? Their father was a high-powered music executive, and one of his sons had an affair with Ricky when “Kiki” was on “General Hospital”. Kiki even had to go to trial over this, and it almost derailed his career.

  • BubbasBack

    Kiki = caca.

  • Kim

    are you guys sure his family & friends call him “Kiki”? as far as i know, the nickname for Enrique is “Kike,” which is pronounced “KEE-kay”.

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