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Right-Wing Crackpot Bradlee Dean Claims “Gay People Have Never Been Victims Of Hate”


Devoutly right-wing activist Bradlee Dean dropped in on The Real Side with Joe Messina on Tuesday to admonish “the homosexual industry, or lobby, in America” for going to “war with Scripture.”

He also had some sharply inept critiques of “radical” gay rights advocates:

“Those radicals need to be lawfully dealt with because they are radical,” he said. “They mean to divide and conquer, they mean to make war against real Christianity. I’ve yet to find a situation where a homosexual could actually verify the fact that they were the victim of someone actually hating on them. I have yet to see it.”

Listen to it below.

H/t: LGBTQ Nation

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  • Roy Hortman

    Who cares what he thinks

  • Bruce Ransom

    Uhh, I guess he’s never heard of Matthew Shepard. He’s a horrible person, may he rot in hell.

  • David Barenz

    He’s gay. I agree who cares.

  • Kevin J Desmond

    Isn’t he the same guy who wanted to marry his own sister ?

  • Damian Mitch

    Ever fucking heard of MATTHEW SHEPARD?! He seems like a great Christian. Smfh.

  • Andrew Webb

    Do you give these folk air-time just to make the rest of us feel angry/self-righteous?

  • Dennis Gordon

    Just another dirtbag. Who cares what he thinks.

  • Stephen Benoit

    Maybe they haven’t been victims of hate in the past half hour. . . “Girl-hair”!

    What does he want as “verification” for a gay person to jump up from the pool of their own blood and give out a questionnaire?

  • John Gaunt

    You can’t cure stupid

  • Chuck

    OMG what a hypocrite. “They are creatures of Gods, were called on to love them”… He must not own a tv or radio. What about the HATE Matthew Sheppard had to deal with before he died.

  • Kangol

    He should open his arms to all the Trump voters on the other thread, since they seem not to think that oppression of gay people is a reality, in the past or today.

  • John Malin

    How the hell cares what this whacko thinks?

  • John Malin

    Oh, that’s right OTHER WHACKOS!

  • Saskia Vreedenburgh Brink

    Wow its amazing how he has managed to survive in that isolated bubble of ignorance

  • Eddie Poole-Boccio

    Who is he anyway? I certainly have never heard of him.

  • Laurence James

    Crawl back into your hole and stay there!!

  • AJ Sarabia

    I hate him

  • Kal Astoga

    May a thousand dicks at once wreck his ass.

  • Ogre Magi

    christians are such jerks

  • jflynch1

    Major closet case.

  • Freddie Gary

    Go under a bed and shut up you sick asshole

  • Jaron Lintner

    What planet is he from?

  • Darryl Moir

    Burn your church then your fam,ily and now yourself.

  • April Boucher

    Yup. He’s a crackpot alright.

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