"Much Work Needs To Be Done."

Rowan Williams Still Refuses Gay Bishop Robinson, Foe

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams won’t back down: neither gay bishop Gene Robinson, nor turn-coat Martyn Minns can attend the Anglican’s Lambeth Conference next year:

The archbishop of Canterbury said Friday he will not reverse his decision to exclude a gay U.S. bishop from joining other bishops at a global Anglican gathering next year.

Archbishop Rowan Williams’ office said he had also not changed his mind about refusing an invitation to Martyn Minns, a traditionalist U.S. priest who was consecrated as a bishop in the Church of Nigeria.

“Given the differences in response to the Episcopal Church revealed in the responses of the primates, we simply cannot pretend that there is now a ready-made consensus on the future of relationships between (the Episcopal Church) and other provinces,” Williams said. “Much work remains to be done.”

Those Americans are always complicating things, huh?