Rubbers 101


Condoms aren’t all that difficult to use, right? Still, news like this make us think now would be a good time for a refresher on all things rubbers. We want all of you to be safe so you can keep reading your favorite fag blog.

We’ve all done it in the heat of passion but don’t use your chompers to tear open the condom wrapper. You might just render it useless. Take it easy. That twink you just brought home isn’t going anywhere. Use your hands.

Then make sure your stiffy’s a full stiffy. Ain’t nothing gonna happen if you’re at half mast. Next hold the condom by the tip, leaving enough room for those anticipated love juices and then roll the rest all the way down to the base.

For those of you who prefer visuals, those uninhibited Aussies provide a graphic demonstration of the process. Careful, kiddies, this link is SO not safe for work.

Some don’ts: don’t use oil based lubes with latex. This will only cause tears. Stick to water-based lubes. Don’t store them in your wallet where it might get crushed faster than a D-List celebrity couple’s engagement. Put them in your pocket.

We’re strong proponents of recycling, but come on. Don’t try to reuse a condom. Just so wrong.