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  • Alexandre

    I laughed out loud at this post, “ain’t that some shit” in spite of the serious nature of this. Bravo Queerty. Sometimes you know just what to say! :-D

  • John K.

    I read on another article that the judge said he wouldn’t issue a warrant because “there wasn’t proof that she knew she missed a court date.” As someone who worked in criminal defense, I’ve had lots of clients miss court dates, and they were always PRESUMED to have known about it. THEY had to prove they didn’t know about it. Certainly, their lack of knowledge didn’t cause the judge not even to issue a bench warrant for their arrest! This is a fucking joke!

  • terrwill

    Switch the roles and if there was a “Lesbian on the Lam” you would see how fast they would be pursuiing her………..

  • Jon

    Still waiting for the “Amber alert” for this kidnapper.

  • terrwill

    @Jon: Freaking Brilliant!!!!

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