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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ contestant The Vixen wasn’t surprised about the backlash she faced

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From her on-screen relationship with Eureka O’Hara, to her digital drama with Charlie Hides, RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 contestant The Vixen isn’t afraid to speak up when somebody gets snappy with her. And boy did her outspokenness make for good TV!

Following her elimination from Drag Race last week, Queerty writer Tim Winfred spoke with The Vixen to learn more about her social activism, her celebrity crush, and to talk about the backlash she faced from fans of the show.

Every season of Drag Race needs a good villain, and The Vixen wasn’t afraid to be just that.

Queerty: I really enjoyed being able to be a fly on the wall for the conversation you had with Asia about the frustrations of feeling unheard as an LGBTQ person of color. How did you feel about that conversation watching it back?

The Vixen: I felt that was a really great conversation. Mostly I was thankful that Asia took the time to talk to me. Getting ready for challenges, especially when we have to do music numbers and sing, we’re very tight on time, so that was really sweet of her to do.

I think the issues were very apparent to both of us. I was aware of things that Asia was saying, which was her point of view. Me and her come from different backgrounds and we handle things differently, so I understood where she was coming from, but it wasn’t my experience.

You definitely didn’t shy away from the drama this season. Have you faced any backlash from the Drag Race fandom because of it?

Oh, absolutely. But it’s not surprising at all because I know that because I’m a very outspoken person of color it was going to have a lot of backlash. That’s what the world does to outspoken people of color. I wasn’t surprised, and I wasn’t phased by it.

Do you have a message of positivity for those people who are sending you hate?

I’m accepting Venmo payments: @thevixenbitch.

You talked about doing a lot of activism drag. What social causes are you most passionate about right now?

I think it’s very important to remember Flint, Michigan – those that do not have clean water. They are not going to have their pipes fixed completely until the year 2020. That is something that people should still be conscious of.

In general, I think that my purpose on Drag Race was to start the conversation of the double-standards that we face as drag queens, especially as people of color, in general. And especially in moments of confrontation. Now that we’ve said it, I think that is going to be something that will be more understood when those types of things happen on the show.

Have you had any memorable experiences when meeting fans of the show?

I’ve had so many! I was in San Francisco and there was a fan who came all the way from Vegas to see me. They brought gifts and they really made a big deal about it. She was a black woman and knowing that I affected her enough that she wanted to see me so much that she drove all that way, and that she identified with me, made me feel really good.

Is there a celebrity you’re crushing on at the moment? And if so, who is it?

I think everyone is thinking about Michael B. Jordan’s abs right now, myself included.

Thank You #CannesFilmFestival Felt good to be back! ?

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OK, so if Michael B. Jordan were to take you on a date, what would a perfect date with him be comprised of?

Oh, I don’t know… but I hope there are drinks involved, I’ll say that! *Laughs*

What artist or album do you have on repeat right now?

Oh my god, Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer is my go-to right now. And my favorite song on the album has got to be Screwed.

What surprised you the most about your time on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

I think I was most surprised that I actually wasn’t very competitive. I wasn’t interested in making anybody else look like less of a queen in order to get myself ahead.

If anything, what is the biggest thing your time on RuPaul’s Drag Race taught you?

*Laughs* That the struggle is real! *Laughs*

What can fans expect next from you?

Well, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I will be putting out some political art and some music and performances when the time is right.

OK, well thank you so much for the chat today, I wish you all the best of luck with your plans both in and out of drag.

Thank you, take care.

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