RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Shade Comes From Reading… Magazines!

The winner is Latrice Royale. A fair choice, I must say. But they should have docked her a few points for wearing socks with sandals.

For the main challenge, our girls become media moguls and create their own dragazines. It’s strikingly similar to a challenge from Season Two in which they had to concept their autobiographies. (Anyone recall Tyra Sanchez’s succinctly titled classic, The Woman in Me: A Guide to Letting Go of the Past, Accepting the Present and Looking Forward to a Better Future?).

Mini-challenge winner Latrice assigns the titles, and they range from Sugar Walls (interior design) and Tastes Like Chicken (food) to Kitty Cat (cat lovers). The girls have to think of article titles, plan their photo shoot and create a layout on poster board.

Sure, they would eventually hand over their sketches to a graphic designer, but I’m living for the day the producers put the queens in front of InDesign, and we watch as they curse the Adobe gods for not knowing the difference between the Selection Tool and the Direct Selection Tool. Ha! Creative Suite humor, anyone? Anyone? Anyone?


So they had this cute photographer (above). Every queen who came into the studio almost walked into the wall after being distracted by his  attractiveness/shining sternum. And condragulations to Sharon for reading our minds when she met him, “Have you done porn? You should really consider it.”