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Sadie Pines dishes on the gayest ‘Golden Girl,’ flirty gigs, & seeing Daniel Radcliffe’s “wand and snitches” IRL

You want to talk about multi-hyphenates? Well, Sadie Pines—a.k.a. H. Alan Scott—is a real queen-of-all-trades.

By night she’s one of LA’s most glamorous and hilarious drag queens who happens to be obsessed with four senior icons known as the Golden Girls (hence the tattoo and her name, a nod to Sophia’s old retirement home, Shady Pines).

By day, Scott is a writer/performer/podcaster who, yes, also happens to be obsessed with the Golden Girls. In fact, they’ve got a whole podcast about it: Out On The Lanai, which they co-host with television writer Kerri Doherty. Out On The Lanai—produced by drag royalty Alaska and Willam’s Moguls Of Media network—is the premier podcast dedicated entirely to Blanche Devereaux, Rose Nylund, Dorothy Zbornak, and Sophia Petrillo.

Actually, Out On The Lanai is gearing up to throw a party and invite everyone they know with a live show in Los Angeles at the Dynasty Typerwriter (and livestreamed, so you can watch from your lanai) on September 24. It’s set to feature the aforementioned Alaska and the brilliant Eliot Glazer, and Sadie Pines says it’ll be the “Golden Girls meet-up every fan needs.” With drag, comedy, trivia, prizes, and more, the massive celebration is their way of saying—what else?—”thank you for being a friend.”

But, before the big show, Queerty had the pleasure of traveling down the road and back again with Sadie Pines as the latest guest in our rapid-fire Q&A series, Dishin’ It. In our chat, the queen reflects on the movie that showed her the future—to the point that it was almost scary—the live theater nude scene that made a big impression, and the Golden Girls episode she considers to be the gayest of them all.

Is there a piece of media—whether a movie, TV series, book, album, video game, etc…—that you consider a big part of your own coming-out journey, or that has played an important role in your understanding of queerness? Why does it stand out to you?

The Birdcage! I remember seeing it as a kid and being terrified of Nathan Lane’s character because I saw so much of myself in him. Like, legit, I saw my future. But then my family loved it, like it became one of our favorite movies. The fact that they loved Nathan Lane’s character made my future look a little brighter. And now, well, I basically am Nathan Lane from the movie.

Your podcast Out On The Lanai, is the worlds’s # 1 Golden Girls podcast (we assume!). If the gals were still around to host podcasts of their own, whose do you think would be the most successful, why, and what would it be about?

We are the first Golden Girls podcast, thank you very much. We’re very proud of that. And if any of the girls were a podcast queen, it would be Dorothy. She’d use that deep voice to narrate a crazy popular true crime podcast. It would be huge!

As a longtime devotee of Golden Girls, we’ve got a potentially tough question for you: What’s the gayest episode of the show EVER and why?

You know, everyone is going to say the episodes with Blanche’s gay brother, Clayton. But to me, the gayest episode would be “Ladies Of The Evening,” where the girls get arrested for being sex workers in their attempt to meet Burt Reynolds. The episode ends with each of ’em saying they’re a slut. How gay is THAT?!? It’s basically happy hour for us.

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Many folks out there may know you as the iconic, fashionable, funny queen Sadie Pines, and we’re dying to know: What’s the worst/strangest/most interesting drag gig you’ve ever done?

It’s interesting, I don’t ever think of anything as strange or bad. To me, everything—even bad gigs—are a potential joke, so like, go do something crazy, you know? The weirdest and most fun gig is Hot Dog Sundays with Mario Diaz and Adam Ramzi. I get to flirt with everyone as they enter surrounded by half-dressed gogo’s shaking their hot dogs, what isn’t fantastic about that?! Best party in Los Angeles. Full stop.

Who’s a fictional character you had a crush on at a younger age (or maybe still do!)? What do you remember loving about them?

I had a thing for Brad Pitt as a kid, but as I got older I realized he’s not my type. Then I watched The Sopranos and had a thing for James Gandolfini (it was a phase). But my real crush was on Daniel Radcliffe. One of the biggest events in my life was seeing him in Equus on Broadway. The play is famous for its nude scene. There I was, barely 20, second row, looking up at Radcliffe and fully being distracted by his wand and snitches, if you know what I mean.

You also moonlight as a writer/podcaster for Newsweek’s The Parting Shot With H. Alan Scott where you’ve interviewed anyone and everyone. Of all the folks you’ve met, who’s a celeb who surprised you most and why?

Bette Midler, hands down. I’m like a huge Bette Midler fan. She’s been an insane influence on basically everything I do. So I was worried going into the chat. I had that “don’t meet your heroes” thing going through my head, so scared it wouldn’t go well or that she wouldn’t live up to my expectations, you know? Well, she certainly lived up to my expectations and then some. She was giving, honest, respectful, and eager to connect with me! Weeks later, not expecting anything, I got the kindest note and package. She’s just a class act, truly.

What’s one article of clothing Sadie Pines would never be caught dead in and why?

It’s not quite an article of clothing, but you will never see me in flat hair. Like, ever! Even if the hair is flat, put in a little bump, something. I just don’t get flat hair, what’s the appeal?!?! You’re a drag queen, be huge! I’m a tall, plus size girl, if I’m not towering over you, I’m doing something wrong.

Who is a queer or trans artist/performer/creator that you think is doing really cool work right now? Why are they someone we should all be paying attention to?

OK, I’m fully biased because she’s like family to me, but Naomi Smalls. Like, you all know her, or you think you do, but let me tell you that Naomi Smalls is the real deal, both as a queen and as a person. I’ve learned so much from her, which I think surprises people because our drag is so different. She’s taught me more than anybody else, and she’s always there, and she just loves drag. To me, that’s a game changer of a human being that you can’t sleep on. And everything she’s doing, everything she’s plotting, y’all, this b*tch is an icon.

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