Sam Adams Officially Off the Hook for Canoodling With Beau Breedlove

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Portland’s Mayor Sam Adams stood accused of lying to investigators about his relationship with Beau Breedlove back when Adams was city commissioner and Breedlove was an intern in a different department. Investigators had a reason to suspect Adams was lying about the extent of their relationship, and whether it took place before or after Breedlove turned 18: Adams admitted lying about the relationship before. But after all the fracas between Adams and the attorney general, it appears the case is closed — and Adams is in the clear.

At first, Breedlove was soaking up the attention from the sex scandal, stripping down for the magazine Unzipped and granting interviews. Then he clammed up and started running from the press.

As for Adams, whose contradictory statements to Attorney General John Kroger’s camp led them to think he was lying about the whole thing, he faced (still faces?) a recall effort from voters, though he’s putting on a public face of “all’s good.”

With the nod from Kroger’s office that the investigation is dead in the water, and that Adams won’t face criminal charges, it looks like that may be true. And after interviewing 57 witnesses for the investigation, what did the attorney general’s office learn? Well, nothing concrete. Willamette Week sums things up:

1) Did Adams have sexual intercourse with Breedlove before he turned 18?

The report: Adams and Breedlove both deny any sexual intercourse before Breedlove’s 18th birthday on June 25, 2005. The investigation found no witness testimony or other evidence to contradict those claims.

2) Did Adams have sexual contact with Breedlove before he turned 18?

The report: There was no evidence to corroborate Breedlove’s claims that Adams kissed him twice before Breedlove turned 18 — once while driving to the train station or a second time in a City Hall bathroom. Investigators also said Breedlove suffers from credibility problems because of “prior inconsistent statements, financial gain and prior felony conviction …”