Which San Francisco queen does Aja want to see cast on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’?

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Gone but not forgotten. Aja shined bright on season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, so her elimination was definitely a sad loss for fans around the world.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Aja to find out about her time on the show, what message she has for fans who are upset about her elimination, and to see which queen she wants to see on a future season of Drag Race.

Hi Aja, how are you, sis?

I’m doing well, love. How are you?

I’m good! You must be living the life right now. What are you at?

I’m in Chicago. Ironically, the same place I was when I got eliminated last year.

Coming out of All Stars 3, how does it feel to hear everyone call each other “sis”? You made that happen, gurl!

I feel like “sis” is just a sis thing, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s in your blood, you just didn’t know until you heard it. Everyone’s a sis!

The cast of Drag Race season 10 was just released, and there are a lot of New York queens again. Being a New York queen yourself, how do you think the show is impacting the scene out there?

I feel like they’re taking all the big queens, and sooner or later there’s just going to be more and more big queens coming up in New York. It’s just one of those places where drag babies are born every hour and you never know who’s coming out and who’s doing what. What I have to say is that all the girls who made it on season 10 are definitely known New York girls. They’re popular in New York and people know them everywhere.

Contrasting New York, San Francisco hasn’t had a lot of queens cast on Drag Race. If you could pick a San Francisco queen to be cast on a future season, who would you choose?

I definitely would love to see Mahlae Balenciaga (pictured below). She’s definitely come up in a lot of conversations about the San Francisco queens that people want to see on Drag Race. I’ve performed with her before and I think she’s really stunning, has a great drive, and she has a great energy. It’s energy that would make great television, too.


Mahlae Balenciaga / Photo Credit: Jenny Price

People are coming for Bebe for eliminating you from All Stars. What message of positivity do you have for Drag Race fans who are upset about your elimination?

What I have to say is: Everything happens for a reason. It’s better to look at what is gained than what is lost. I feel like a lot of people are focusing on the fact that I went home rather than focusing on what I’ve accomplished.

When I got eliminated, I focused on what I accomplished. Whether I agree or disagree with the decision, it’s more about making the most out of it.

Totally! Seeing your growth from season 9 to All Stars in such a short period of time was a great showcase.

Thank you. It was definitely a gag to a lot of people. It’s really funny to see the contrast from before the season started. When the cast was revealed everyone was like, “She shouldn’t be there. She’s not an All Star.” And now they’re like, “Yes, sis!”

You proved yourself.

Definitely. I’m very happy with how things went.

What is your favorite city to travel to?

It would probably be LA or Chicago.

Do you have any favorite Chicago restaurants?

I have no idea. I just let my friends take me everywhere.

What’s your favorite memory from your travels to Chicago?

My favorite memory would have to be from when I was booked in Chicago before season 9. I remember being here with my drag family and I had one night where I got so drunk that somehow me and my drag daughter ended up getting back to the place we were staying wearing each other’s outfits. I don’t remember how that happened…

Sounds like a fun night. Haha!

Ok, so my last question is: If you could only take three things with you when you travel for drag, what would the essential items be?

Can I include a lamp with genie that will grant me wishes to have more things?

Haha! Ok, that’s item number one!

Ok, then one I would need a magic lamp with a genie who would allow me to bring more things. Two, I would need a magical pill that gave me patience. I have a really great feeling that that’s just called Xanax haha! And third, honestly, I would just need an a la mode brownie. A hot brownie with ice cream.

Oooh, yes. Would it be a milk or dark chocolate brownie?

I just love chocolate period, but I’m a milk chocolate kind of person. Dark chocolate is a close second.

Well thank you so much. Where are you headed to next?

I’m on my way to Australia next week.

Have a safe trip. Talk to you soon.

Have a good night, babe.

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