Sarah Palin’s Fans Love a Gal Who Supports ‘Putting Homos Back In the Closet’

Palin Book Tour

It wouldn’t be fair to brand all Sarah Palin devotees as such, but we’re willing to place substantial sums of money on the claim that many of them can recite where Rush Limbaugh and Palin’s values coincide.

Like Lansing’s fencing salesman Bob Weinert, who, outside a Barnes & Noble book signing in Grand Rapids, told a reporter that he’d heard Limbaugh say Palin is “the most conservative candidate out there [… who represents] limited government and traditional values, [including] putting homos back in the closet.”

Many of these fine folks began reserving their place in line 24 hours before the event.

(Photo: AP)

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  • terrwill

    I’d like to buy a fence pole from that scumbag and shove it up his homophobic ass……………

  • terrwill

    The event also drew its share of more ideological conservatives. Bob Weinert, 56, a fencing salesman from Lansing, said he’d heard Rush Limbaugh say recently that Palin is “the most conservative candidate out there.” She represents, he said, “limited government and traditional values,” including “putting homos back in the closet.”

    “And putting Christmas in the stores,” added his wife, Rexanna, who said she felt she could trust the “down-to-earth” Palin.

    A few minutes later, a diffident young man wandered by with a handmade “Homos for Palin” t-shirt until he encountered a mall security guard.

    “You’ve got to zip it up or leave,” said the security guard and the young man, who said he was a college student but wouldn’t give his name, complied.

    To all the Gays anywhere near that mall, how bout calling the mall and advising that because the mall security denies freedom of speech they are taking their xmas shopping elsewhere……

  • Gregoire

    Homos for Palin? Who would wear that, even in jest?

  • FakeName

    “…the mall security denies freedom of speech…”

    Sigh. While obviously I don’t agree with the “zip it up or leave” idea, the mall is perfectly within its rights. Malls are private property and are not obligated to allow acts which on public land would violate the First Amendment. There is no denial of free speech here because there is no right to free speech on private property.

  • bryan

    Poor Leona Lewis got punched in the face at her book signing. Why can’t this happen to Sarah. I’m just

  • Keith Kimmel

    This bitch has a surprise when she gets to Norman. She gets to deal with me. And I can so be a handful. 8-)

  • Keith Kimmel

    FakeName, you are right. But Terrwill was suggesting a boycott of the mall for not allowing it, which is a perfectly legitimate response.

  • andrew

    Homos for Palin? LOL. It’s guaranteed to bring her down. Her supporters are empowered by the notion of divisionism. They thrive on the notion that particular groups don’t like Palin.

    Homos for Palin is perfect reverse psychology. Can someone start a T-shirt line?

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