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Say Shalom to the ‘Klezmer-Core Punk Band’ Made Up of ‘100% Transmasculine Jews’

They’re Jewish, they’re trans, and they make music. Allow me to introduce you to Schmekel, a four-member outfit from New York City that writes pro-trans lyrics like these: “Sarcasm’s a shield that you must learn to carry / Even if your chest’s flat and your chin is hairy / Bigots are stupid but they’re also scary / Don’t want to turn into an obituary.

They recently got profiled by The New York Times Here are some of my favorite lines from the article:

  • Their name is a joke about clitorises. “Schmekel means little penis in Yiddish, and is a play on the fact that all four members were born female but now identify on the masculine side of the gender spectrum.”
  • Their latest album is called “Queers on Rye.”
  • Says a Jewish Community Center staffer: “The Venn diagram on musical, Yiddish, and queer leads to a very small shaded area, but they live in it.”


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  • MoJo


  • JRL

    Punk? Not in the slightest.

  • shannon


  • Ari

    @shannon: and ethic background has anything to do with this?

  • Gabriel

    “Semite” has absolutely nothing to do with “black/mixed black”. Get an education.

  • Zoe Brain

    @Shannon : Ashkenazi as opposed to Sephardic. Wiki is your friend – if you can read.

    “Ashkenazi Jews, also known as Ashkenazic Jews or Ashkenazim (Hebrew: ????????????????, pronounced [?a?k??nazim], singular: [?a?k??nazi]; also ???????? ???????????, Y’hudey Ashkenaz, “the Jews of Ashkenaz”), are the Jews descended from the medieval Jewish communities along the Rhine in Germany from Alsace in the south to the Rhineland in the north. Ashkenaz is the medieval Hebrew name for this region and thus for Germany. Thus, Ashkenazim or Ashkenazi Jews are literally “German Jews.” Later, Jews from Western and Central Europe came to be called “Ashkenaz” because the main centers of Jewish learning were located in Germany.”

    The term (Sephardic) essentially means “Spanish”. It comes from Sepharad (Hebrew: ????, Modern Sfarád Tiberian S?p??rá? ; Turkish: Sefarad), a Biblical location.[2] This location is disputed, but “Sepharad” was identified by later Jews as the Iberian Peninsula, and still means “Spain” in modern Hebrew.

    I dislike ignorant racist shitheads. A failing of mine, but I’m taking pleasure in showing what a complete idiot you’ve made yourself out to be. I need to work on that.

  • webdemon

    Add “Terrible” to that headline’s list of descriptors.

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