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Scaring People About Gay Adoption Is Easier When You Substitute Less Attractive People

Orlando’s Florida Family Policy Council, headed by John Stemberger, was very upset when a judge gave custody of a 1-year-old boy to her foster parents, because her foster parents are lesbian couple Vanessa Alenier and Melanie Leon. In notifying its mailing list about the “arrogant judicial activism,” the FFPC included a photo of the pair (at left) to show supporters just how repulsed they should be by the adoption case. Except that’s not the adoptive couple; that’s them, on the right. They’re a couple of good looking women who are the perfect, media-friendly faces for the same-sex adoption debate. It was a stupid ruse, and FFPC, an affiliate of Focus On The Family, has been fairly called out for their sensationalism. But this website is not above sensationalism. Which is why, in reporting on this story, we’re going to substitute the original photo of John Stemberger — who also served as chair of Florida’s — for a scarier version.

Original on left. Frightening, we know.

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