School Administrator Claims Gay Principal Fondled Him On Business Trip

If John Quattrocchi was getting a grade for professional conduct, assistant principal Frank Farino would give him an F. Farino claims in a lawsuit that, in 2009, Quattorocchi manhandled him when they were at a conference in Las Vegas.

While in Sin City, Quattrocchi, a principal at PS 43 in Queens for more than 20 years, allegedly dragged Farino to a gay nightclub—where a couple proposed a foursome with the coworkers. Later, the principal forcibly groped Farino in a hotel room, according to court documents, pinning him facedown on the bed, fondling and kissing him.

Quattrocchi pulled similar stunts on a subsequent trip and after Farino shot him down, punished him with poor performance reviews. Farino filed a complaint, and Quattrocchi was transferred to a desk job. He retired this past April.

If Quattrocchi’s guilty of the allegations he deserves whats coming to him, but one question sticks in our mind: Principals get to go on business trips to Las Vegas?