School Administrator Claims Gay Principal Fondled Him On Business Trip

If John Quattrocchi was getting a grade for professional conduct, assistant principal Frank Farino would give him an F. Farino claims in a lawsuit that, in 2009, Quattorocchi manhandled him when they were at a conference in Las Vegas.

While in Sin City, Quattrocchi, a principal at PS 43 in Queens for more than 20 years, allegedly dragged Farino to a gay nightclub—where a couple proposed a foursome with the coworkers. Later, the principal forcibly groped Farino in a hotel room, according to court documents, pinning him facedown on the bed, fondling and kissing him.

Quattrocchi pulled similar stunts on a subsequent trip and after Farino shot him down, punished him with poor performance reviews. Farino filed a complaint, and Quattrocchi was transferred to a desk job. He retired this past April.

If Quattrocchi’s guilty of the allegations he deserves whats coming to him, but one question sticks in our mind: Principals get to go on business trips to Las Vegas?

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  • Daez

    A simple google of Farino shows an image of him, and he has a very gay face.

  • mike

    So not victim blaming but if a guy tries to have sex with you once, why would you go on another trip with him?

  • Truthful

    yeah, something about this doesn’t seem right.

    sounds and looks like a bitter butt buddy

  • PTBoat

    @mike: I think this commonly happens in sexual harassment cases. The victim passes it off as a one time, drunken, thing and feels obligated to go on the next business trip. He or she then feels embarrassed to say anything, or knows that his or her job could be in jeopardy if he or she does spill the beans. Sometimes, the victime indulges the behavior in the hope that it will end, thus implicating him or herself, and this further disintegrates the situation. This is why we have laws in place. It’s a seriously tricky and demeaning situation to be in. The only reason that this is news, however, is because it is between two men. Harassment is harassment. If the guy’s actually guilty, he should get whatever standard punishment is coming to him.


    How come nothing like that ever happen to me? :-( I wish it has!!.

  • barry

    @Daez: And therefore clearly deserved to be sexually harassed/assaulted.

  • JAW

    Gay Bars…
    Sharing a room
    another trip sharing a room…


  • gattsuru

    Vegas is pretty much the ISO standard ‘resort town’ for overpriced conventions, both corporate and government: everything from the GSA to the DOJ tends to sponsor meetings there. Every so often folk will try to limit this sort of things — they’re both expensive and rather clearly not business-related — but it never lasts terribly long.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I agree – fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. If something like that happened once why did he go on another trip with him.

    What I would like to complain about is the photo accompanying this post. The “gentleman” lying face down looks student-like which changes the whole image on the inappropriate behavior. This is a story about 2 adults, not about a principal and a student.

  • Jess

    Love the victim blaming. Women face this kind of harassment all the time. It’s gross and illegal.

  • PTBoat

    @Jess: +1 A good friend of mine took a job for which she had to travel with her supervisor. On their first trip, he got drunk and came on to her in incredibly inappropriate ways while she was in his room. She had to go on another trip with him, but thought that maybe he was just drunk the first time and let it slide only to have the same behavior happen again. He’d even, somehow, arranged adjoining rooms. She had a real struggle with her final decision to blow the whistle because this was a job that meant a great deal to her and she was a new hire. She finally did say something and stayed with the company for a while, but ultimately couldn’t stay. She’s a one of the guys kind of girl and definitely not one to use her “charms” to get ahead, although she is beautiful. She was absolutely blindsided by the first attempt and incredibly disappointed by the second. Harassment is harassment.

  • Chuck

    Wow. This sucks.

  • C.A.T.


    incomplete article though

    Quattrochi actually sent Farino a birthday card featuring a naked guy with an erection http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/07/17/article-2174655-1416DEBA000005DC-14_306x408.jpg


    The 27-page court document details many other alleged instances of harassment, including a dinner date where Mr Quattrocchi placed his hand repeatedly on Mr Farino’s thigh, lurid texts with penis jokes, and an unusual gift of Cheesecake Factory stock so that Mr Farino ‘could have his cake and eat it too’.
    The most extreme instance of harassment took place when Mr Quattrocchi pressured Mr Farino to join a foursome with him when the two were approached by another couple while in Las Vegas for a teachers conference.
    Mr Farino rebuffed the invitation, and became concerned by Mr Quattrocchi’s ‘increasingly aggressive behavior’ after he hugged and kissed Mr Farino on the lips when they saw each other the next morning.

    He avoided Mr Quattrocchi for the following two day but out of concern that he had suffered a heart attack. After Mr Farino finally located Mr Quattrocchi, Mr Quattrocchi insisted they talk in his hotel room and yelled ‘I don’t need no f***ing babysitter’.
    He threw Mr Farino on the hotel bed and ‘Mr Quattrocchi, who is at least fifty pounds heavier than Farino, then mounted Farino while pinning his arms to his side,’ according to the legal complaint.
    Mr Farino tried repeatedly to free himself, and cried when he could not.

  • C.A.T.

    and tables are about to be turned I guess

    “Mr Quattrocchi, and a number of his close friends in the teaching staff at P.S. 043 made complaints about Mr Farino to the DOE, saying that Mr Farino grabbed Mr Quattrocchi’s penis during conference meetings, that he assaulted students, that he took excess vacation time, and that he stole from the school.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2174655/Frank-Farino-Vice-principal-files-lawsuit-saying-boss-pressured-foursome.html#ixzz21DLd8qye

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