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Scruffy Model Walter Delmar Makes Jorts Sexy

image3Walter Delmar took his buff and scruffy body to the L.A. River for a photo shoot  last week. It wasn’t the brightest summer day, but it didn’t matter. Moody grey skies suit Walter’s look better. Yes he’s wearing jorts, but the destructed denim only brings out the edgier side of his sex appeal, AKA his hair (both facial and body) and his tattoos. Combine with dark shoes and a black Calvin Klein brief, and the shoot’s like a modern classic.

Some guys think jorts are an eternal no-go, but this isn’t the case. As Walter Delmar shows, it’s perfectly possible to pull off a rugged-looking pair of denim bottoms. Of course, a ripped body like Walter’s makes a nice finishing touch. In the gallery below, each shot with Walter in the shorts makes sure to include his shoes: black combat boots. They up Walter’s masculinity even more, and make the jorts an even more appropriate choice. Going shirtless is also a fair option. Walter is stretching on the sand by a river after all.

You can see more of this photoshoot with Walter Delmar on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Himsight Photography