Sean Cody Performer Arrested For Extortion Outs John, Makes Wild Accusations From Prison

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 11.00.08 AMLast month we reported that gay-for-pay Sean Cody and performer Jarec Wentworth had been arrested for felony extortion in an undercover FBI sting, and now Jarec (aka Teofil Brank) has outed the alleged victim in an attempt to tell his side of the story.

In a lengthy email obtained by the blog str8upgayporn (LINK NSFW), Teofil claims the man involved is millionaire Republican Donald Burns. Teofil also contends that he’s not only innocent, but is in fact a victim of rape at the hands of Donald.

“The so called ‘VICTIM’ Donald Alan Burns…is a smart and Evil man,” Teofil writes. He goes on to outline a deceptive web of lies intended to set him up to appear as though he were blackmailing Burns.

The way Teofil tells it, Donald was so worried that Teofil would out him that he offered the gifts of expensive cars and cash on his own free accord.

“He was worried I would still come out with the truth…So he set me up to pick up 1 million dollars and that was a set up and the FBI was waiting.”

In the FBI affidavit, Teofil’s text messages to Donald include things like, “I want a condo here in LA. Bachelor pad. You have a taste I like. 2 bed Max. Perfer [sic] one. I want 300,000 cash. You can and will. I want this ASAP like yesterday. So you can be at peace.” Kind of hard to buy the whole “set-up” story.

He also claims Donald raped him — another reason he was receiving hush money:

“Also over two years ago I was with another porn star at a hotel in La Jolla where Don invited us to. We drank some tequila. We ended up having a group sex, he convinced me to bottom, which I was not wanting to since I was afraid if my porn agency would find out I bottomed, I would lose pay and possibly be fired and sued. With my knees to my ears and the other porn star in the bathroom, he proceeded to go deeper and I told him to stop, it hurts but he continued saying just the tip just the tip. The other porn star came into the room and pushed Don off me.”

Perhaps this “other porn star” would like to tell his side of the story? If you’re out there, get in touch with us at [email protected]

Donald made headlines in 2008 for contributing $400,000 in support of same-sex marriage in Florida.

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  • AxelDC

    Who knew that porn stars could be unstable? It’s almost like selling your body doesn’t attract long-term planners.

  • Joshua Anthony Villegas

    So incredibly sad and stupid on his part. I just saw the advert he did with Andrew Christian about a month ago and I thought he really had the look to go far in the modeling/adult industry. Like Adam Killian Big, you know. Smdh

  • Eric Erickson

    Who knew that porn stars were unstable people?

  • Cam

    Burns donated $400,000 to fight against an anti-gay marriage bill in Fl. But he also sent money to Jeb Bush, Chris Christie etc… who all oppose gay marriage. Weird Mix. However, donating nearly half a million in support of gay rights, not your typical closeted gay GOP member. They would have donated the money to fight against gay rights.

    As for the guy in jail. From the other story Queerty ran, his text messages seemed pretty damning. I’d be shocked if he didn’t go away for quite a while.

  • bobbyjoe

    There’s nothing that’s a more convincing argument that you weren’t blackmailing somebody by threatening to out him if he didn’t do what you wanted than outing him when he didn’t do what you wanted.

  • Windsor519

    This has long been a concern since the internet has taken over male-male porn. There are very few gay porn actors anymore; most are very desperate straight young men who look great physically, but underneath that are chronic addictions, child support payments, gambling debts, etc.

    I get it that most gay guys aren’t attracted to each other, and everyone wants what they can’t have in real life. But as these hired straight models become younger and younger, you’re going to get a lot of mentally unbalanced, desperate and basically homeless young men. There’s usually a reason why they were kicked out of the house or kicked out of college and unfortunately the gay community is right there to accommodate these straight boys’ every need, and being as naive as we are, we don’t think for a second that these guys will double cross us or rip us off. I don’t know how many times I have to say it: young straight men have little to no interest in us unless it has to do with getting money out of us or finding out where to get drugs from. This is a cautionary tale.

  • mydude

    If you have access to these rich tricks, why extort them when they’re obviously thirsty enough to probably give you a bunch of free shit, anyway?

  • MarionPaige

    To quote the lawyer in Predator 2 who’s client was arrested for attempted murder …

    It’s not like Brank killed someone!

  • Cam

    @Windsor519: said…

    “I get it that most gay guys aren’t attracted to each other, ”

    HUH?!?!? Are you kidding me? If that were the case, then I’m guessing there wouldn’t be any gay bars, Grinder wouldn’t exist, people wouldn’t be fighting for same sex marriage, because after all apparently none of us are attracted to each other.

  • john

    Ok… so how does a man who isnt a prostitute or gay, end up naked or with his privates exposed in bed with another adult man. And he stated …”With my knees to my ears and the other porn star in the bathroom, he proceeded to go deeper and I told him to stop, it hurts but he continued saying just the tip just the tip”?????

    How does this happen??? And more so how is this rape,Just Because it was uncomfortable for you and “it hurt”…Really???

    I was about to say ah hell, he just tried to get over on someone who was closeted and probably did him wrong. But after hearing all of this …He is an Absolutely Despicable Loser…good luck in prison!

  • Captain Obvious

    @Cam: I think he said that because online you only ever see gay guys lusting after “straight guys” who magically go gay on a whim because “sexuality is fluid” which basically means being gay is a choice… but they didn’t think that through when they started arguing that bs.

    In real life I’ve seen tons of gay men into each other. Just have to get off the internet and Grindr is gross… like Craigslist gross.

  • Cam

    @Captain Obvious:

    I think he was referencing a very select subset.

  • Bob LaBlah

    I do not believe the porn star’s version of what happened. I can’t trust a man who sells his body/talents to make a living.

  • jwtraveler

    @AxelDC: @Eric Erickson: Jarec/Teofil is no more representative of all porn stars than Jeffrey Dahmer is representative of all gay men. That kind of thinking is what leads to bigotry. No single person represents their entire social, cultural or demographic group.

  • Derick Lindsey

    Why does Queerty like every one of their own posts?

  • dvlaries

    I’m fascinated at the silence from the industry itself. Is Jarec so very friendless? No production company, no director, no A-name contemporary co-star either piping up to pile on nor excoriate the rush to judgement ‘poor Jarec’ is enduring.
    When it comes to clamping down its secrets and buttoning lips within its ranks, the porn industry has everything to teach our elected politicians.

  • lykeitiz

    OK, I’ll admit I don’t know the inner business workings of the porn industry, but I’m still calling “BS” on his claim that his agency would not pay him or possibly fire or sue him if they found out he bottomed. Don’t porn companies only care about their image ON-screen? Do they really care what they do during a non-filmed escort session?

  • Bauhaus

    @Bob LaBlah:

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but don’t we all sell our body/talents to make a living? I mean, in one way or another?

  • Arcamenel

    Let’s not turn this into a condemnation of sex work. There is nothing wrong with sex workers as a whole or the industry. Honestly if it wasn’t demonized the way it is maybe we would’t have incidents like this or have so many sex workers killed and/or pushed to drug use.

  • Keebler ILF

    He was afraid his porn agency would sue or fire him if they found out that he bottomed? I guess they just don’t want him bottoming while working for them.
    He’s already bottomed at least 5 times when he was at S. Cody.

  • Avery Alvarez

    Hearing Wentworth talk about his “girlfriend” is so distasteful to me.
    Can we please get straight men out of gay porn?

    Everything about this story is just so shady and slimy.

  • Anthony Burgos

    Another gay porn star and another republican? Lol wtf? #icant…

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Bauhaus: Not to put too fine a point on it, but don’t we all sell our body/talents to make a living? I mean, in one way or another?”

    Please pull out your pencil sharpener and put a “point’ on what it is you are trying to insult me about.

  • Evji108

    @Windsor519: Something sad and self-loathing in this comment.

  • Bill Feldman

    Sounds like two guys who deserve each other.

  • Bauhaus

    @Bob LaBlah:

    Im not trying to insult you. Sometimes, I tease you, that I’ll admit. Don’t be cross with me.

    My pencil being a bit sharper, I’ll say this: be careful. And bring a camera!

  • edwardnvirginia

    We’re sure there are a plenty idiotic simpleminded queers out there that they’ll start, and support, a ‘gofundme’ for the ‘victimized gay icon’.

  • edwardnvirginia

    @Windsor519: Well said. Queerty is a chief offender in glamorizing these perverse, self-destructive behaviors, among troubled straight men and among gay/bi/queer men. We’ve seen many thefts, assaults, and murders (including murders in the course of thefts) where gay/bi/queer guy responds to online hookup ad turns out to be straight predator. Just recently in DC there was a theft murder where the hookup ad post was actually by a straight or lesbian woman who was out to rob gay victims. Online sexual culture is brutal in many ways. And, sadly, ADORES doing glamorous stories about online hookup apps, sites, and cultures. We’ve seen many stories in Queerty promoting the sites and apps! The stories are often about some quirky, funny, thing involving online sexual sites and app, not the serious risks of these things. When Queerty does do a story about a ‘bad hookup’ they use suggestive language to make it appear rare, unusual, and even fun(ny). Queerty is a Capitalist organization that only really cares about money for their own selves, privileges and pleasures. Queerty: if you do have a thoroughgoing interest in the wellbeing of queer people, families, and communities, you can respond. But we don’t expect you to do.

  • Cam

    @jwtraveler: said…

    “Jarec/Teofil is no more representative of all porn stars than Jeffrey Dahmer is representative of all gay men. That kind of thinking is what leads to bigotry.”

    Bigotry? Comparing people not liking this guys job to people not wanted to allow Blacks into their store, Latinos to get hired by their company, or LGBT’s to move into their neighborhood, is not just ridiculous, but insulting.

  • Pistolo

    I don’t have all that much sympathy for Donald Burns. He lent aid to known, public, unapologetic homophobes who would and could effect all of our lives negatively and infringe upon our rights, effectively making us even lower than the second class citizens we already are. Meanwhile, he was banging gay pornstars in orgies. Even in the midst of donating to causes that would interfere with anti-gay legislation, he was still complicit in the systematic homophobia encouraged by the Republican party simultaneously and even SINCE. So boohoo, his prostitute betrayed him. Woe is him.

    I have no idea what the deal is with Jarec, though there are many examples of stable adult performers, there’s also plenty that have a dangerous disassociation with emotions and interaction (particularly those gay-for-pay guys, sorry). But, honestly, should he really go away for over a decade for something this stupid? Suppose he is guilty and he threatened some GOP slob, is that really the equivalent of armed robbery or rape? Sorry, I fail to see how this idiot’s reputation is all the much of a loss- maybe he shouldn’t have LIED and SOLICITED prostitutes.

  • Pistolo

    PS- He spent 400,000 in support of same sex marriage, but 500,000 to silence his male courtesan.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Bauhaus: “My pencil being a bit sharper, I’ll say this: be careful. And bring a camera!”

    Ok, since I didn’t get this one either I will declare victory for you and leave it alone. We are still friends as far as I’m concerned.

  • Ronald Wei

    Crap, he didn’t get a closet case Republican.

  • Cam


    Because Blackmail, theft, and threats of harm are all crimes.

  • Pistolo

    @Cam: And if none of it is executed then who exactly is the victim here? He just wring the 500,000 out of Jarec and leave it at that.

  • OhHellNo

    Anyone who actually believes the phrase “just the tip” deserves whatever he gets.

  • OhHellNo

    @Ronald Wei: Um, yes he did. That’s pretty much the entire story.

  • Pete

    The other porn star is likely Mackinzie “Ashton” Amadon, who has been a companion of Burns’ since he last appeared on Sean Cody in 2012. Burns is apparently in contact with Curtis, too, so he must be a serious size queen!

    I wonder if Burns owns a piece of Sean Cody, or if Sean Cody is a front for a high-end procuring operation for A-List gays? I really don’t see how these sites stay in business with all the file-sharing that goes on.

  • Mykey

    Serves them both right! The fat guy is disgusting

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