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Secret agents, gay aliens and elf cops: 10 movies that have us excited for 2020


Another year upon us, another litany of reasons to visit the local multiplex. 2019 featured a batch of fair-to-middling big-budget studio films, several of which left a foul taste in our mouths we still struggle to forget. Lucky for us, 2020 looks a bit brighter, with a good mix of action, adventure, suspense, musicals and drama set to hit the big screen.

What has us most excited? Have a look, though bear with us: some of these movies don’t even have photos released yet! Prepare to mark your calendar…

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Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot rocketed from obscurity to megastardom in 2017 with her first outing as the bisexual, feminist heroine. She and on-screen beau Chris Pine return for this sequel–as does director Patty Jenkins–set in, you guessed it, 1984. Expect plenty of vintage tunes and mall ratting as Diana takes on the nefarious Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), a TV mogul bent on world domination. The thought of seeing Wonder Woman in action again makes us quiver with anticipation, though, in fairness, the biggest draw is a chance to see Kristen Wiig in a dramatic action role as Cheetah, Diana’s sometime friend and a formidable foe.

June 5.

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