Secretary Of State John Kerry Vows To Fight For LGBT Equality Abroad

130403_john_kerry_ap_328John Kerry may already be besties with Hillary Clinton, but he’s looking to find a new friend in the global LGBT community according to remarks he made earlier this week. While speaking at a “Pride at State” event on Wednesday, the Secretary of State vowed to fight for equality wherever “homophobia raises its ugly frightened head.”

The remarks came after Secretary Kerry said he predicts a favorable ruling when SCOTUS delivers verdicts in the DOMA and Prop 8 cases early next week. He told the excited crowd that if the Court “adheres to law,” it will deem DOMA unconstitutional.

Once Kerry checks “marriage equality in the USA” off his to-do list, he says he’s moving onto an even bigger project: marriage equality across the globe. Though America has plenty of “challenges that still remain,” Kerry says focus must be shifted to promoting LGBT rights abroad.

“As we look at various places in the world, where homophobia raises its ugly, frightened head, we see that there is fear,” he said. “And a lot is driven by fear…We’ve got to be there, showing up in places where progress on LGBT rights has been harder and slower to achieve.”

Places where progress on LGBT rights has been harder and slower to achieve? Maybe he should start in New York City.