See How A Gay Bashing Six Years Ago Left This Man Addicted To Botox

botox student
Bobby appears on the documentary Mascara Boys: Sex Me Up. Photo via Channel 5.

After being savagely beaten in a gay bashing at the age of 19, which left him unconscious, 25-year-old Bobby says he has become addicted to getting plastic surgery and Botox injections to alter and enhance his appearance.

He was walking home on a Saturday evening with his boyfriend when they were attacked. CCTV cameras show the assault went on for 43 minutes, he reports in a Channel 5 documentary, Mascara Boys: Sex Me Up.

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“All of a sudden these guys came out of nowhere, before we knew it the violence started,” he says of that night, Daily Mail Online reports. “We were trying walk away, then there were all these fists and all these feet. We were saying ‘stop, what are you doing?'”

“I think that shaped how I feel about my personal appearance,” he says.

“I have had filler, my Cupid Bow’s enhanced, my cheeks enhanced and my eyebrows tattooed on,” he said. “I love my Botox and I would love teeth veneers and hair transplant.”

At one point, he was ordered to stop having Botox injections for two years, as he was getting them so frequently that they began to form lumps in his skin, risking his health.

botox injection
Bobby has a Botox injection. Photo via Channel 5.

“He is addicted to Botox,” said his friend Louise, a beautician who oversees his Botox injections to make sure he doesn’t continue to harm himself. “At one point he couldn’t even cry. That frightens me to death to think that someone can get in that situation.”

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“I want to look like the real life Ken doll,” Bobby says.

“I don’t think I could stop,” he adds. “Because what would I look like if I stopped?”

Watch a teaser for the documentary below…

botox student