See Inside ‘Dismaland,’ Banksy’s Unhappiest Place On Earth

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Certain gays have rather strong ties to all things Disney — we’ve certainly seen more than a few Disney-inspired gay creations on Queerty:

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So for all you Maleficent-loving, Ursula-obsessed queens out there, how do you feel about Banksy’s new installation?

Dismaland may have a few familiar characters, but the artist’s trademark dark humor and unapologetic focus on the uglier side of global commerce definitely give the place an uncomfortable if not fascinating vibe.

The park opens to the public Saturday and sits on the 2.5 acre site of the U.K.’s Tropicana lido, and is described as “a festival of art, amusements, and entry level anarchism.”

Check it out below:

Banksy’s Dismaland features migrant boats, dead princesses and the artist’s trademark dark humour.Krishnan Guru Murthy went to see the family theme park described as “unsuitable for young children.”

Posted by Channel 4 News on Thursday, August 20, 2015