Seth Rogen Confirms: “Zac Efron Is The Sexiest Motherf*cker Alive”

seth-rogen-zac-efron-sexyLeave it to Seth Rogen to spill the truth tea all over Conan’s desk.

This week, Rogen stopped by Conan to talk about his new movie Neighbors, the comedy about a frat house where his costar Zac Efron is mostly shirtless throughout — yes, the one the shirtless Instagram promo was for.

No, not the one where Zac Efron was completely naked. The one during which Dave Franco gives Zac Efron a mimed blowjob. That one.

Zac Efron “is the sexiest motherfucker alive,” he says, quite frankly. “It’s like his whole body is a giant arrow pointing to his dick. It’s like someone designed the muscles to draw your eyes down from his gorgeous face…and then it’s like a Plinko game with your eyes.”

You may have already suspected this, but Zac Efron’s superior hotness has now been confirmed by a source close to him. Officially:

Ugh Zac


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  • EdWoody

    Shame he’s a total coke head though.

  • Brendan

    Cuz you can’t stop Debbbbbbie Downer.

  • misterhollywood

    He is super hot. Love the guy. Hope is not getting himself back into any substance abuse trouble.

  • Mikah

    He’s sexy but not that sexy.

  • hotshot70

    wait til Zac is drunk or really high and we may be able to give him a quickie.

  • Black Pegasus

    Zac is a really kind guy. And yes he’s sexy too..

  • Meowzer

    Zac is my “free pass”. My husband has given me permission to blow him if I ever get the chance. :)

  • semtex

    I am fairly certain I read somewhere on the internet that his rehab stint for alcohol was a ruse to cover up his cocaine addiction which is a beard for his true love – crystallized meth amphetamines, which if true may mean more than just a quickie could be possible.

  • Captain Obvious

    Seth Rogen confirmed for bad taste.

  • Cagnazzo82

    Zac is hot, but apparently he’s been screwing himself up with drugs.

    Apparently when you have it all, you start making your own problems.

    Also I’m going to have to agree to disagree on that ‘sexiest MotherF’er alive’ comment.

    Last I checked Chris Evans is still alive :P

  • jazz4108

    I honestly think Dave Franco is hotter.

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