WATCH: Sharon Needles Channels Classic Horror Films In “Call Me On The Ouija Board”

The Queen of Halloween, Sharon Needles popped out of her casket long enough to film the music video for her new single “Call Me on the Ouija Board” directed by nightlife chronicler Santiago Felipe. The demonic diva bounces from horror movie to horror movie inside a possessed television in an homage to classic horror films.

“When most kids were hiding their eyes or cowering under the covers, I was three inches away from the television when horror movies were played,” La Needles said of the video’s inspiration. “‘Call Me On The Ouija Board’ is homage not just to horror movies involving children, but my favorites as a child.”

Sharon’s trip down ghoulish memory lane includes references to Stephen King’s It, The Exorcist, The Omen and Children of the Corn. Look for a cameo from medium Michael Musto in a tribute to Poltergeist. And if you die of a seizure caused by the video’s flashing lights, we’ll see you in hell where Sharon will no doubt be holding court.