Did Sheen Masturbate To Men?

Sheen/Richards Battle Gets Gay

The already ugly custody battle between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards just got even nastier

In an effort to win her kids, actress Richards handed a judge some less-than-flattering Sheen emails, including one in which Sheen calls Richards a “sad, jobless pig”. In addition to the emails, Richards alleges that Sheen’s seemingly endless sexual appetite led him to gay porn sites:

Richards says Sheen even visited gay pornography sites – “which I found even more disturbing because I felt that the boys looked underage,” the documents state.

Now, we don’t really care whether or not Sheen jerked it to dudes. We are intrigued by the underage aspect, which seems a little fishy.

Sheen never struck as a kiddie-cruiser. A jerk, yes, but not a pedophile. That said, it seems there could be two thinks happening here. One, Richards isn’t familiar with the idea of twinks. Two, Richards threw that in there because if there’s one thing worse than a fag, it’s a fag with a taste for the lads.

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  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Mary! That is one EVIL stinkfish!

  • WWH

    More from the “all fags are pedophiles” department. Yawn.

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    We heard that Charlie suffers from tinymeat(less than 7 inches long).

  • damapyerun

    There was that rumor in 80’s that Sheen was drunk and high at a party with “Lucas” co-stars and he deflowered Corey Haim.

  • NeoAurelianus

    I’m with WWH on this one.

    The assumption gay men are de facto pedophiles is alarmingly popular even today despite years of studies showing otherwise. That the models “looked underage” is ambiguous and meaningless.

    The uninteresting allegation about gay porn sites is as newsworthy as Paris Hilton. Queerty needs higher editorial standards…

  • blayne

    I believe Queerty reports on anything queer in nature, and I rather find the possibility of Sheen enjoying men as well as women quite interesting.

  • Dawster

    Maybe Denise Richards and Dania McGreevy need to start their own support group…

  • WWH

    Dawster, you forgot Mrs. Craig!

  • Gregg

    I’m luckily over 7, but how is under 7 considered tinymeat?? I would think under 5 would qualify there.

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