WATCH: Sign Language Gets Sexy In Chase DiMartino’s Pop Videos


Meet Michael Chase DiMartino, a 27-year-old who enjoys performing pop songs in sign language with some of his sexy pals. We don’t know a lick of ASL, but after watching his adorkable cover videos for Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” and other pop hits, we’d like to make Mr. DiMartino our personal tutor.



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Mr. Chase, as he’s known, also has some original singles, like “Addicted” and “Hard Candy.” He likes boys, but doesn’t want to be penned into the gay category:

“I identify as gay only because it seems to be the most… easily explained and readily accepted. But if I were to break it down, I would say this: I truly believe myself to love a person for who they are, gender unattached. I believe that if the right female came along, I could fall in love (and have, with women in the past). But as it stands right now, I am in love with one who happens to be a male.”

At least we have a shot!



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