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Sign the Petition So Antigay Groups Don’t Profit from Sales at Netflix and 600 Other Companies

Christian Values Network raises money for a wide-range of religious groups from the purchase of over 600 companies’ goods and services. There’s just one small wrinkle:  among the groups that CVN funnels money to are five groups so virulently antigay that the Southern Poverty Law Center has declared them hate groups–Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, Summit Ministries, Abiding Truth Ministries, and the Liberty Counsel. We already told you about how Microsoft ended its relationship with CVN  after a petition drive urged it to do so. Now a new petition is circulating that gets to the heart of the matter: Getting the five groups out of the CVN in the first place.

The petition, launched by Carson Rhodes of Bern, NC, calls on CVN to drop the antigay groups from its network. “These groups are discriminatory and encourage violence against LGBT people, all while promoting their bigoted missions in the name of religion,” the petition reads. “Instead of focusing on asking the 600+ groups to pull out of their partnerships with CVN, it would be more beneficial to all parties for CVN to remove its partnership with these 5 hate groups.”

That’s a lot easier than petitioning 600+ companies. Right now only a couple of dozen folks have signed the new petition. But enough names could make CVN pay attention to the fact that homophobes profit from its network by funneling cash into campaigns that seek to treat some people as less fully American citizens than others.

After all, a petition worked with Microsoft. Why not this time as well?

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Image via Christian Values Network

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