Skyrim Will Allow Players To Have Gay Relationships, So Why Not Star Wars?

All you elf-loving dragon slayers might enjoy hearing that Bethesda Softworks’ fantasy role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will allow players to engage in same-sex weddings. Yes, but will they also get medieval tax benefits?

This is the same company responsible for the Fallout game series, which has already featured gay, lesbian and bisexual characters game series, so it’s not a big shock to learn that Skyrim will allow fans to explore whatever romance angle they want to pursue. It’s called “role playing” for a reason, after all.

Skyrim joins The Sims, Fable, and the hot dwarf-on-elf action in Dragon Age as games where openly gay players can hook-up with members of the same-sex. You’ll remember that Dragon Age creators told homophobic gamers to shut up when they asked for a “no-same-sex” option.

Interestingly, when gamers learned that the upcoming Lucas Arts and Bioware game Star Wars: The Old Republic won’t allow gay relationships (while allowing straight ones), the uproar forced one gaming forum to shut down its comments. Lucas Arts has promised they’ll issue an explanation, but so far… crickets.

Skyrim‘s release date is November 11th (11-11-11… jackpot!!!). Star Wars hits retailers December 31st. Vote with your money, nerds.