Snapchat Has Unwittingly Created A New Sex Toy


Congratulations to Snapchat, makers of an adult app that for some reason we all continue to pretend is not an adult app. They have now invented a device, their first piece of hardware, and we will all pretend we are not using as a bedroom accessory.

The item in question is called “Spectacles,” which rhymes with the body part that you will use them to capture. They look like glasses but with an embedded camera that you use to take 30-second video clips. All of the promotional images show people using them while naked — subtle, Snapchat, subtle.

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The video is recorded in a sort of fake VR that allows viewers to move their camera around to take in the scene. Naturally, you will use this while touching yourself and others.

Mashable tracked down some early adopters and asked them if they were using Spectacles for sex, and only a few answered with an honest “yes,” just like most people do with the app. Of course, they’re not the most ideal VR-adult app: you have to keep nudging buttons every time you want to record, and the clips are under a minute. The glasses are also one-size-fits-all, which means they actually don’t fit anyone — so you’ll need a strap to keep them on your head if you’re vigorous.

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But we are confident that creative hackers will make quick work of the guts of these devices. It’s probably not hard to disassemble a pair and stick the lens wherever you like — which, uh oh, introduces some uncomfortable privacy issues. Let’s all look forward to the inevitable hand-wringing about the nation’s youth from people who still, for whatever reason, pretend that they are not constantly thinking about naked nubile bodies.