‘SNL’ Does Gay Dumbledore

Saturday Night Live spent some of its precious time this weekend taking the piss out of gay Dumbledore, otherwise known as the story that would not die. Watch as “Larry King” and “JK Rowling” discuss the shocking Harry Potter revelation and some deleted gay scenes from the book’s film franchise. You may or may not laugh, chuckle or throw-up.

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  • 3Dspleen

    Wow, what a way to remind me that SNL is not funny any more.

  • faghag

    wtf is up with the Australian accent?
    Americans can’t do English accents for shit.

  • Kristian Israel

    Oh that was kinda funny, it was avery sterotypical but hey its okay to laugh sometimes, at least they didnt put him in a pink robe and with a gay lisp, thats an improvement, i think the media should still be funny, not talking about all subjects excludes everyone, and i think it was very well done it would have been better with out the balls and dick comment or whatever.

  • ivy

    it was very poorly done… as far from the good old FUNNY SNL as it gets. I loved their Harry Potter sketch with Lindsay Lohan, but that was quite a while ago.

  • Sarah

    That was…hideously unfunny. I don’t mind them having a go at it, but jeez at least make it entertaining o.O…

  • Kristen

    I thought it was hilarious. That “would you like me to brush your bread” comment had me laughing for 5 min! you need to be able to laugh at yourself, or else you will be offeneded by everything.
    and i liked the “balls and dick” comment. Go snl!!

  • Madeline

    I don’t even like or watch SNL, but I thought it was hilarious. OK, well, the first two were funniest. I got a little rather dumber as it went on, but it still made me laugh. I’m rather behind the times and just discovered JKR had said Dumbledore was gay, but I’m thrilled!

  • clearlyme

    I loved this clip of from saturday night live! every time i hear of harry potter i think about this and laugh. Its good to laugh and this really made me laugh! I just feel bad for minerva, i think she is in love with a gay wizard

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