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So This Is Why Comedians Won’t Harp on Obama?

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Funnyman Jackie Mason pops up with Ben Harvey and Dave Rubin on this week’s Ben & Dave’s Six Pack, and in a fantastic public service, explains why comedians won’t go after a certain sitting president: “They just happen to love Obama. They don’t feel like telling any jokes about him. They’re uncomfortable making fun of him, and they think that no one wants to hear it. People want to hear it…Why can’t you make fun of a person without being ugly? They used to be ugly with their jokes about Bush — ‘he’s retarded, he’s an idiot, he’s a moron.’ They couldn’t tell a clever joke about him. They had to do something always devastating and ugly, but that’s because they just happen personally to hate Bush. But they love this man so they decide that any joke about him is tasteless. They’re so awed by [Obama’s] presence. They’re so thrilled that a black person became president that they feel they have to protect him. They’re proving to themselves that they’re not racist. If you make a joke about Barack Obama, they will call you a racist, and that makes them feel like a great humanitarian civil rights crusader.”

Well, glad that’s settled!

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