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St. Edward’s University Won’t Let the Gays Infiltrate Their Catholic Volunteering Fair To Recruit

St. Edward’s University, the small liberal arts Catholic university in Austin, has barred Equality Texas from a campus volunteer recruiting fair, because permitting the group’s involvement would be akin to endorsing same-sex marriage, or something.

“By requesting participation in the volunteer fair, Equality Texas is asking the university’s Office of Campus Ministry to facilitate recruitment of students for work that includes advocacy for same-sex marriage,” says the university in a statement. “This is not something we can agree to.” Not that the school is banning students from volunteering at Equality Texas; they just have to find out about it on their own time.

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  • Mike in Asheville


    I sure don’t want those of the Roman Cult attempting recruiting at and disrupting of fairs promoting gay rights.

  • demonW

    There’s always a work-around, like everyone in the group walking around the fair in Equality TX T-shirts!!

  • JAW

    Well said Mike… I thought that I would be the only one that did not have a problem with it.

    When we try to force ourselves into places like religious schools, we leave our selves open to being forced into having groups like NOM, wellsboro church, KKK, etc wanting a place at our table. As much as I support the work Equality Tx, I also support the school being able to decide who they allow at the event.

  • RGB

    I’m a current University of Texas at Austin student, but if the number of St. Ed’s guys I’ve slept with is any indication, they’re not doing a very good job of keeping the gays out. It’s officially a religious school, and they have an obligation to maintain that public image, but I don’t think the school (or at least admissions) is in any way homophobic.

  • victim of circumstance

    the last gay rally i went to, there was a man preaching repentance of sins he meant homosexuality) and handing out bibles. if they can infiltrate our ranks and attempt to convert, why can’t we return the gesture?

  • Omar

    I lost my virginity in one of their dorms with a student I dated there.

  • Lynx

    I went to school there. I came out to the world there. Faculties are uber-liberal (took classes with out lgbt professors). Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Campus Ministry. Was also in the LGBT group at St. Ed’s. The gays at St. Ed’s are furious!!!! That’s for sure.

  • Ally

    current st. ed’s student and a member of the LGBT group. don’t let campus ministry speak for the rest of the campus. of my four classes this semester, 2 are taught by openly gay professors, 1 is openly bisexual, and the last has a fabulous gay son. st. ed’s is pretty liberal, possibly even more liberal than UT, if only for the fact that we don’t have homophobic frats/srats.

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