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St. Lucia To Michael, Nick + Todd: Our ‘Sincere Apologies’ For The Horror You Went Through

The brutal assault of Todd Wiggins, Michael Baker, and Nick Smith in St. Lucia — where an armed gang of men invaded their rented vacation home and threatened to kill them if they were “faggots” — have officials there reeling to keep its tourism reputation sound among American tourists. Helping matters: Officials have arrested two of the five suspects and recovered most of the trio’s belongings.

“St Lucia does not condone such acts of violence appeared to be perpetrated by individuals whose views do not reflect sentiments of the majority of law-abiding citizens,” reads a statement from Tourism Minister Allen Chastanet. “Whether or not this crime was motivated by anti-gay sentiment, or during the course of robbery, it is none-the-less unacceptable behaviour and our destination will not tolerate it. Our law enforcement authorities are pursuing this matter relentlessly.” Authorities add they offer their “sincere apologies” to Todd, Michael, and Nick.

At least the men appear to be recovering as much as can be after their brutal ordeal. Michael, who originally posted the harrowing ordeal on Facebook, joked over the weekend: “It occurred to me last night that I missed out on a grand opportunity with this recent experience. I had SO many wonderful and loving offers of support, usually phrased, ‘If you need anything, please let me know.’ I should’ve answered: ‘Champagne.'” Just let us know where to send it.