Steamy “Orthodox Priests” Disrobe (And Then Some) In Hottest Calendar We’ve Seen Yet

Makers of the annual Orthodox priest calendar are upping the ante for 2016, releasing some of the raciest and most risqué images in the calendar’s four-year history.

The hunky Italian models posing as Orthodox priests have provided the calendar with global attention since 2012, so this year, calendar organizers are putting the priests in extra-frisky scenarios and using the appeal to push a very strong message against hate.

“Art has long been one of the main channels for social change,” said press representative Magdalena De Iona. “What we stand for is true love and free will. And that makes us think one day we will find common ground, in a better world.”

Take the cover shot, for instance — Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow’s Patriarch Kirill I are depicted as each other’s brides in briefs and skimpy lingerie. Because why not?

Scroll down for more sinfully hot scenes:







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