Schooled 'Em

Stop SB48 Fails To Get LGBT Education Bill On The Ballot

It’s official. Equality California has announced that opponents of FAIR Education Act (a.k.a. Bill SB48) failed to get enough signatures to bring the LGBT-inclusive law to a vote.

Joe.My.God posted a message from headquarters:

We Fought the Law and the Law Won

Unfortunately we did not collect enough signatures to qualify the referendum to overturn SB48. That law will be in place in our schools at the first of next year. We thank all of you that worked so hard to provide the hundreds of thousands of signatures received. In the end, 90 days was too short a time to accomplish such a large task. In the coming days you will see the celebration of our opponents. We know this because it has already started in social media and other places. And some of the rhetoric will be harsh. Remember, despite what they say about us, we opposed SB 48 simply because we do not believe that children should be exposed to an intentionally one-sided argument about lifestyles and values we do not hold.

Yes, please gird yourself—we all know the terrible, untrue rhetoric that gay people say about homophobes: How they’re disease-ridden child molesters who are going to hell. Oh wait, that’s what they say about us.