Straight dude in a panic after watching “sexual things men do with one another” turns him on

Man sits on the edge of his bed thinking.

A straight-identifying man from the U.K. says he “appreciates” beautiful women, but he’s finding himself increasingly turned on by male bodies and he doesn’t know why, so he’s seeking advice from Dierdre Sanders.

“Despite really appreciating attractive women–their figures, faces, how they dress–it is the sexual things men do with one another that really turns me on,” the 35-year-old explains.

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He writes that he is especially turned on by gay porn, “no matter how the men themselves look.”

“I fancy women but I get very aroused when I see or think about what men do sexually,” he continues, “I want to try sex with another man–but it is not the men themselves I want.”

He confesses: “I worry about my true sexuality because it is so confusing.”

Sounds like textbook bi-curiosity to us.

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In her response, Dierdre encourage the man not to think too hard about it.

“Maybe it is just convention making you feel you should fancy women, or maybe you are turned on by what men get up to because it focuses your thinking on what you’d like to be doing,” she writes.

Whatever the case, she says, “don’t worry about definitions.”

“Focus on forming friendships–which can maybe lead to a relationship–without worrying about gender,” she advises. “And remember, people’s personalities probably matter most then.”

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