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Straight Guy Can’t Stop Thinking About Men While Having Sex With His Girlfriend


Houston, we have a very big problem.

It seems that a self-identified “straight” guy just can’t stop thinking about having sex with other men while he’s with his girlfriend. Something tells us that he may ready to slide a bit to the right on the Kinsey scale.

As he writes to the Dear Coleen advice column in The Mirror U.K.:

I think I may be bisexual. I’ve been in a great relationship with a girl for two years but I can’t get the thought of sex with men out of my mind.I don’t find men attractive as such, although the thought of being with another guy gets me excited and I sometimes fantasize about it while I’m with my girlfriend.

It is starting to get awkward, as sometimes it’s the only way I can get an erection. I sometimes worry that I will end up finding a random guy to experiment with and lose my girlfriend in the process. What’s your advice?

It’s obvious to us this poor guy’s as gay as Colton Haynes and Zachary Quinto flip-flopping on a rainbow flag on the beach at Fire Island Pines, but let’s see what Miss Coleen has to say about it:

Well, you will lose her in the process. I think the fantasy is in danger of getting out of control, so maybe it is something you need to experiment with to work out what you want. But if that’s what you’re contemplating, you shouldn’t be with your girlfriend right now. Don’t make the mistake of getting married and having kids, thinking you’ll “get over it”.

That won’t happen – I’ve the letters to prove it. I know people who’ve spent a lifetime unhappily married because they’re suppressing the fact they’re gay, which is sad for them and their partners. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling the way you do but don’t lead your girlfriend up the garden path while you’re figuring it out. If you want to experiment, make a clean break.

Coleen’s right. This guy is at the least bisexual, and needs to give up the girl and take some time to explore his sexuality. He may not even end up with a guy, but it’s best to spare this poor girl’s feelings and spare himself the agony of trying to be something he’s obviously not.

And, if the current obsession with “straight” men is anything to go on, he will likely have no trouble locating guys that are ready and willing to help him, um…find himself.

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