Students Rally For Trannie Teacher!

Sure, Bill Donohue may be a total douche, but let’s not rush to judge all religious types (lest we be judged, or whatever): a number of students at the Christian-minded Spring Arbor University have come out in support of ordained minister-turned-trannie, Professor John Julie Nemecek.

Nemecek got sacked after coming out as a woman, if you will. After working with the Michigan University for 16 loyal years, Nemecek started dabbling in cross-dressing, charting a course down the road to womanhood (period not included). The university didn’t take too kindly to that and told Nemecek he would no longer be welcome to teach there, insisting his actions violated their “Christian” guidelines. Sticking it to the man, a number of students have protested the school’s discriminatory actions. Not surprisingly, their chants and statements invoked the very Bible the school cherishes so dearly. One student said, “Jesus promotes love not discrimination”, while another insisted, “Christ taught us to love people that are outcasts, if this school rehired her, that would be demonstrating Christ’s love”.

The school, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to agree – they’re sticking to their guns. Whether they’ll be so strident at next month’s hearings on the matter…well, that remains to be seen.