STUDY: More Than A Quarter Of TV Watchers Tuning Into LGBT-Inclusive Shows

A new report issued by Nielsen indicates television shows with LGBT characters and issues are big with both audiences and advertisers, garnering 28% of all TV watchers and 22% of ad dollars.

Using GLAAD’s 2010-2011 Where We Are On TV study, the audience-analysis organization looked at popular scripted series like Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, 90210 and Glee, as well as reality shows like Big Brother 12 and Dancing with the Stars.

LGBT-Inclusive Programs ShareThe report specified:

*Teen and twentysomething viewers in particular dedicated over a third of their primetime scripted TV viewing to series depicting at least one regular or recurring LGBT character.

*Females 50 and older were attracted to realities featuring LGBT cast members, hosts, judges and/or competitors.

*In the 24-49 age bracket, those most likely to watch gay-inclusive shows are college-educated white females, small white-collar households and families with three or fewer members

*Not so surprising, LGBT-inclusive shows were more popular with East Coast and West Coast viewers than Midwesterners, even among 18-24-year-olds.

*The advertisers to devote the biggest chuck of their ad money to gay-friendly shows were movie studios (28.3%)  and department stores (27.6%), followed by telephone, credit-card and tech companies.


Source: Nielsen