Study: Straight men are more attracted to their own sex after a few drinks

Thirsty? A new study suggests heterosexual men are more attracted to males when they’re intoxicated.

Conducted by The Journal of Social Psychologythe study found that straight people were far more likely to find their own sex rather attractive after they’d thrown down a few drinks.

You’re probably wondering how researchers arrived at these results. They approached 83 straight adults and tested how much alcohol they’d consumed by using a breathalzyer test.

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Study subjects were then shown video clips (both of the same sex and opposite sex) talking to a bartender and drinking at a bar.

Once they viewed the clip, participants were asked several questions about the people in the video: Would they have bought them a drink? Would they have had sex with them?

On the whole, male participants were interested in the females in the video no matter how many drinks they’d had.

But the more intoxicated they became, the more likely they were to find the men sexually appetizing, too.

Researchers found that men who’d consumed more than ten alcoholic drinks were as sexually interested in women as they were to men.

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Women also became more interested in both sexes after knocking down a few cocktails.

Another recent study conducted by Western Carolina University found that “disparaging jokes are a way for some men to reaffirm their shaky sense of self, especially when they feel their masculinity is being threatened.”

According to Attitudethat research was gathered by asking groups of straight men to fill out an online questionnaire “designed to test their social attitudes and personalities, and their prejudice levels and antagonism against gay men and women.”

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  • DuMaurier

    They needed a study for this? They could’ve just asked me.

    • Mkiel

      You are so right

  • DCguy

    Oh look, ANOTHER article in the years long quest by all the LGBT publications that like to pretend the closet or bisexuality doesn’t exist.

    Wow, what a shock, some guys became more attracted to guys after a few drinks. Or maybe they were less inhibited in admitting the fact that they are always attracted to them.

    • johnnyboy1988

      Hm. Actually this article seems to be arguing the opposite. Did you read it? :)

    • DCguy

      My issue is that the research is presented as “Straight men get more attracted if…..”

      The research actually seems to prove that a ton of men who claim to be straight are actually bi. The article should say “Straight identifying”, but claiming that people who are attracted to both sexes are straight is just more of the usual.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      @DCguy: Potato, potah-to.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Queerty staff will no doubt conduct further research.

  • Mo Bro

    And in related news . . . gay men are more attracted to other men after a few drinks, too.

  • Juanjo

    Or as we used to say in the Navy – what’s the difference between a straight Marine and a gay Marine? About a six pack of beer.

    • Bad Ass Biker

      As the old British Navy saying goes; nothing’s queer once it’s left the pier.

  • tham

    Hey, there’s a reason why gay men love bars…it evens the playing field.

  • bobbyjoe

    Hey! I think I must have participated in this study. Where’s my paycheck?

  • Captain Obvious

    I love how when some of us say gaydar is real and we accurately predict when someone is gay without needing to ask it’s instantly refuted. Yet so many douches think they just need to get random straight guys drunk so they can start sexually assaulting them.

    There’s a huge difference between being closeted and getting over it when drunk and actually being straight. Just because a bunch of closeted guys are claiming bi or straight doesn’t mean they actually are. It would take far more than a few beers to change sexuality… something we’ve been shouting from the rooftops isn’t possible for decades.

    • Sluggo2007

      Oh, shut up, goody two shoes!

    • GayEGO

      This is not about sexuality, it is about getting one’s rocks off which is why some men out in the boondocks will stick their willy into sheep, other animals etc. Men do not have to worry about getting pregnant so they can fool around in many ways. Gay men, however, have a much deeper emotional attraction to other men as well as having sex with them. I know because I remember when I was born, gay, I grew up in Idaho and spent some nights with boys, and I came out in the Navy, met my lifetime partner of 55 years, married 13 years, are both retired and living the American dream.

  • OzJosh

    This may be the most redundant Queerty article ever. Tell us something we DON’T know.

  • natekerchel

    There have been times in the past when I have been very drunk at some kind of party – but never once have I been attracted to a female, and I have difficulty in believing that your sexuality can change so easily. But, as someone pointed out, those particular men may just be repressed gay or bi anyway. This is not a ‘study’ – it has no academic value whatsoever.

    • GayEGO

      Or they just want to get their willy satisfied. There are men who satisfy their willy in the boonies with sheep and other animals and I would be surprised that they love the sheep emotionally.

  • doug105

    The Alcohol Scale of sexuality

    0 – Homophobe
    1 – Bromance
    2 – Bicurious
    3 – Bisexual
    4 – Confused
    5 – Closet Gay
    6 – Sweetheart, I think we need to talk.

  • Karlis

    Personally, after ten drinks I don’t think I could even see the bar, let alone make judgments about who I find attractive. That said, I, too, would not be sexually interested in a woman even if I drank a whole keg of beer.

  • ErikO

    Yet another stupid “article” by queerty where they obsess over the myth that “All men even hetero/straight men are bisexual”.

  • Paco

    So the study has proven that alcohol is the cause of homosexuality.

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