Super Bowl Champ Kurt Warner Is Down With Gay NFL Players

Tim Tebow, you’ve been served once again. When asked about the possibility of gay professional football players, former NFL-er Kurt Warner, 1999 Super Bowl MVP and man of strong religious conviction, said he thinks people should be allowed to be who they are without fear of career repercussions.

kurtWhile promoting The Moment, a new reality series offers he hosts and which offers people a second chance at their dream jobs, Warner fielded questions about the persistent rumor that at least one professional football player may soon come out as gay.

The prospect doesn’t seem to phase Warner a bit.

“It’s unfortunate that if there were individuals that felt they couldn’t be who they were in an NFL locker room or because of the nature of the game that’s a detriment to our society and to what we did in the National Football League or in football in general,” Warner said. “I’m interested to see what happens because it is an interesting culture when you’re talking about a ‘man’s sport’ or a ‘man’s game’ and how that is all gonna be construed, but I hope that the NFL and football in general, and sports in general accepts it the way that they should accept it and be able to move forward.”

He added, “We should never stand in the way of people being who they are and allowing that to affect their career.”

Now that’s showing the true Christian spirit.